SmartPhone Technical Bulletin


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Following our previous email – We have launched a web site covering the issue of SmartPhone access to web sites at

Clients are advised to take serious note of issues affecting Web Site access through SmartPhones (Mobile Phones and iDevices)

In the last 12 months, for the first time, 51% of UK internet users* accessed the internet via a mobile device – 25% mainly access via SmartPhones (In the USA IT IS 25% and China 75%!!)

Most Web Sites will need adjustment for Mobile Phone or iDevice access

We recommend either an alternative web site display for SmartPhones or at very least simplified navigation

If you do nothing you may fail to display, or appear out of touch or obsolete

If your site uses Flash Animation it will not function on iPhones / iPads! (Apple iDevices now hold 40% of the market!)

Forte Trinity have developed Smartsolve© – a pioneering mobile web solution for Businesses of all sizes

Smartsolve© makes sites universally viewable in all mobile devices and all browsers – NB Can be applied to existing Sites – An automated responsive solution can be applied detecting device type and giving a tailored view

For further info – Please contact the support team here on 01942 684040 or visit our SmartPhone dedicated web site at

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Aimee Best
Quality Services Director

PS: Low cost solutions are available to adjust existing formats

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